A big new brand for a global lotteries business

Jumbo Interactive is Australia’s leading online lottery ticket retailer. With a strong entrepreneurial vision, this Brisbane-based business success story recently launched into the highly competitive and lucrative German lottery market, with further plans to do the same in other key markets around the globe.


Recognizing the importance of having an effective brand with strong support of future ambitions, the team at Jumbo Interactive engaged FutureBrand to refresh their identity with a compelling story, engaging visual and verbal assets, and an insightful definition platform to inspire future growth, customer loyalty and employee advocacy.



In a global category largely typified by loud, boisterous language and cliché imagery we identified an opportunity to stand out from the lottery crowd with a more personable, sophisticated and fun-filled lottery brand … one that brought the enjoyment of buying a lotto ticket to life and raised a smile in the mind at every touch-point along the way.

Enter Joe … lover of lotto, numbers and fun … an elephant with a vivid imagination, a trunk full of encouraging words and information, and a natural flair for customer service and communication.

But Joe’s not just any old elephant. We created a mascot with a sense of humour, one that could make buying a lotto ticket fun and memorable, and one that could be the face and voice of the Jumbo experience across the board.


A social and engaging brand that has seen both ticket sales and revenue reach record levels in 2015.

From Ozlotteries 2016 Annual Report:

"The brand improvements made in [2016] have built Ozlotteries into a strong and trusted brand with its own identity. Jumbo’s social media strategy has benefitted from the stronger brand as can be seen in the number of Facebook likes which is up 20% to 114,000. This has kept our CPL (cost per lead) metric under $20.00 maintaining an efficient and effective marketing strategy."

"Jumbo's flagship website ...grew ticket sales in the order of 20% [in 2016]. This steady growth is a direct result of continual improvements to the software platform and the online marketing initiatives."